How NABS Works

NABS empowers people and families in our industry to create a #bettertomorrow by offering free and confidential access to advice/counselling services and career management support.

24 Hour Helpline and First Chat/E-Counseling

The 24/7 HELPLINE is your toll-free access to counseling and personal guidance. 1-888-355-5548 in both French and English.

You may also access services online or via other modalities:

First Chat, E-Counseling, etc.

Visit to access NABS Helpline services.

When registering to use the site, specify NABS as your organization.

Personal Counseling

Shepell is the only provider with a full range of flexible and confidential counselling delivery options available to you and your family members. Shepell professionals are dedicated to supporting and guiding you and your family through issues that may be affecting your work, health or life. All counselling is confidential and accessible by calling 888.355.5548 or online by visiting, and indicating NABS as your organization when registering to use the site.

Career Management Support

The unprecedented pace of change in our industry demands that we are continually managing our careers. Anyone, at any time, may find themselves at a transition point with very little notice. We understand and we're here to help.

NABS career management support services can assist you with:

  • Career navigation and job search planning
  • Recognition and articulation of accomplishments and transferable skills
  • Development of your personal brand value proposition
  • Resume, bio, and social media support
  • Networking strategies
  • Strategic interviewing
  • Securing new employment
  • Entrepreneurial guidance

Career Strategy Meetings: Toronto

Twice monthly on Tuesday mornings in Toronto, a group of communications, marketing, advertising and media professionals, keen to advance their careers, either by securing their next position or by carving an entrepreneurial path, meet to help each other expedite movements forward.

Facilitated by Senior Career Consultant, Trevor Cape, participants are coached to strengthen the understanding and articulation of their unique value proposition, identify suitable career opportunities and navigate all aspects of career transition.

Key focus areas include research strategies, skill building, positioning; resumes, bios and cover letters; social media; networking; interviewing; pursuing defined opportunities and creating new ones.

"Great insights!"
"Good to know I'm not alone"
"The group helped me through a really tough time"
"I applied the insights and the interview went great!"
"Couldn't have managed without your coaching"

Learn more and register today!

Financial Counseling

Take control of your financial future with advice from one of Shepell’s financial experts. Shepell’s financial experts will provide information and answer your questions on:

  • Credit/debt management
  • Budgeting
  • Bankruptcy
  • Financial aspects of separation/divorce
  • Real estate
  • Taxes
  • Retirement planning